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Wife, Mother... World Changer

When you're chasing around 6 kids, cleaning up behind them, driving them around to their events, making sure they're fed, and doing all the things a mother does, you sometimes ask yourself, 'Is this it?' But I've discovered there is so much more. God has a place for us in His church and in this world to be leaders!

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From Going to Church to Being The Church

I was raised in church and gave my life to Jesus at a very early age. You'd probably think I had it all together -- that I’d be so confident and sure of my purpose in life. It was the exact opposite. I felt lonely, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and restless. Then I discovered how to truly make a difference.

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A Veteran Returns to Riverside a Single Father, Discovers Purpose Along the Way

I was deployed to Iraq right after 9/11. No one can ever prepare you to see the things I saw and experienced overseas. One day the phone rang and I was now the full-time dad to an 8-year old girl. Now, I'm learning to be the father God designed me to be!

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A Family Restored

We met when we were young. We bought a house and like many people, we tried to impress them with 'things.' That lifestyle was so hard to maintain and after a while it put a strain on our marriage. We started fighting so much. We decided the best thing was for us to separate; we sold the house and went our separate ways. We were running from God and His plan for our marriage and family... but He found us!

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