Party of Seven… All In!

Going Through the Motions

We had been doing the church thing for quite a while. We knew we should be in church, but we were constantly just going through the motions.

The fire in our hearts just wasn’t there… it was an obligation.

Our oldest girls — they’re twins — were going into middle school and we wanted to find a place that would keep them on the right path… we really just needed a church for our children.

We ended up at City Church… and we got a lot more than we expected.

We Have Decided

After attending City Church for a while, the church was hosting its annual Family Month. At the end of the Family Month, there was an opportunity to be baptized and the twins decided to do it together.

It was honestly one of the greatest days of our lives.

After a year of coming to City Church as a family, this event encouraged all of us to go “all in” — together, as a family.

We attended ONRAMP together, we joined The Dream Team together, and now we serve together every week.

We have decided to prioritize serving God first… and in doing that, it’s incredible how all other aspects of our lives just fall in line easily.

Stronger Together

It has been about a year since the twins were baptized and we are continuing to grow so much.

We both serve as leads in different areas within the church, the twins are leaders in The MVT student ministry,  and our other children are super active in City Kids… we even host a couples group every week that allows us to meet with and encourage other families.

Doing all of this has helped us make life-long friends that feel more like family… and it has meant the world to us!

We’ve gone from going through the motions to truly LOVING to serve God and making a difference in the life of others. Our family is stronger because of God’s faithfulness and because we’re all in this together!