From Going to Church to Being The Church

Joshua Habben is one of the amazing Dream Team members at City Church. He shares his story of moving past the busyness of life to living out his purpose and making a difference.

The Church Life

I was fortunate enough to have been raised in church and gave my life to Jesus at a very early age. I have amazing parents that are strong believers and serve faithfully at their home church. Growing up with such a strong Christian family was a blessing.

With a background like this, you’d probably think I had it all together — that I’d be so confident and sure of my purpose in life.

It was the exact opposite.

I felt lonely, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and restless.

Wanting More Out of Life

One day, a few years ago, I met with a friend and he could tell something was off. He encouraged me and our conversation ended with an invitation to City Church. When I got there, I loved the praise and worship and everyone was super nice, so I kept coming.

Then one Sunday, during the message, the speaker said, “If you’re feeling lonely or unsatisfied in life, get connected and serve!”

Those words cut into me. I didn’t understand how serving was a solution, but I knew I didn’t have the answer and I was tired of the grind — doing the same old church and work life while still feeling like what I was doing didn’t matter.

I decided to join the Dream Team.

Living Life

When I joined the team, it wasn’t like I found a new job and that the work I was doing was the purpose I was searching for. The task isn’t what is important. Serving others and making a difference IS my purpose, no matter the task!

Joining the team at City Church is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. The Lord’s purpose for my life replaced dissatisfaction and serving with this awesome team has created life-long relationships that truly matter.

I’m walking by faith in His love and grace, rather than giving in to fear. For these things and more, I’m so thankful to the Lord and City Church.

I am currently serving in OnRamp, where I now get to pay it forward and help others take their next steps of faith to know Jesus, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference.

And I get to do it all with people who have become family. I’m blessed to do life with them… fully alive!