Family Moves to Riverside, Discovers a New Place to Call Home

Learning to Trust

We lived in Florida most of our lives, so when we felt we were supposed to move to California, it was a pretty big step for us.

We started preparing for the move when a roller coaster of events hit us just weeks before we picked up our lives and drove across the country… what we didn’t know was that God had a plan for us and it simply wasn’t the time for us to leave.

First, door after door was slammed in our face as we applied for jobs. Then, Connie’s mother was diagnosed with Leukemia and our family was put through the biggest trial we had ever faced, putting our faith to the test.

Treatments were not going as planned and her condition was deteriorating fast. Within weeks, she was transferred to a cancer hospital in hopes they could better care for her in this hard time. As we prepared to make the upcoming Mother’s Day extra special with everyone she loved by her bedside, the doctor came in with a new set of test results…

He told her to pack her bags and take care… the cancer had completely disappeared!

After her miraculous healing, the doors to a fresh start in California started flying wide open and we had just a few weeks to sell half of our belongings and drive across the country.

Though it was a pretty big leap of faith for our family, through the events that took place just before leaving our home, we had already begun to lean more on God and trusting that He would provide.

Moving into the Unknown

We understood that we were being called somewhere away from everything we knew and with nothing in our pockets, so we understood that we were in a vulnerable place spiritually. We visited a few churches in Riverside, but City Church is where we stayed because of the awesome welcome we received as soon as we walked in the door. That kind of welcome was exactly what we needed… we needed a place that welcomed us like only a family would.

We’re so glad we did because shortly after arriving in California, our faith was again put to the test. Steven’s job that brought us to California in the first place suddenly began falling apart in front of our eyes — putting our family through an intense financial struggle.

But God brought us here… we knew He had a plan.

We met such incredible friends that have been more of a blessing than they know to our family and have changed our lives. These moments and new family friends would not be possible without the struggle and trials we went through. These times weren’t easy, but God was using His people to help guide us through the rough times.

Instead of crumbling under the pressure… our family and our faith got stronger.

Felix Family

And after going through yet another test and even more struggles, we can say we’ve been so blessed… God was indeed working on our behalf. We both were blessed with amazing new jobs that has enabled us to move into a new house.

We  stepped out in faith and leaned on God and He’s been with us every step of the way.

Finding Home

Looking back, it’s amazing to see how everything fell into place after such a tough year in an entirely different location for our family. Seeing the reason now why certain doors were closed and then realizing it was because God had a better one for us in His timing is incredible.

It was important for us as a family to have gone through times where we had to put our WHOLE trust in Him, for us to truly understand that He will never forsake us.

When we had to rely on Him for a miracle, He was our healer.

When we had to rely on Him for our finances, He was our provider.

And when we needed a home, He was a friend who brought a community of people around us to call family.

Meeting the community of believers at City Church has truly had such an impact on our lives, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the journey, the struggles, and ultimately the friendships and relationships that have come out of discovering our new home.

Although our loved ones are far from us, we look forward to making new memories for our family and to bloom where we are planted.